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The Skillful Huntsman pdf download

The Skillful Huntsman. Felix Yoon, Khang Le, Mike Yamada

The Skillful Huntsman

ISBN: 0972667644,9780972667647 | 83 pages | 3 Mb

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The Skillful Huntsman Felix Yoon, Khang Le, Mike Yamada
Publisher: Design Studio Press

Email · Reddit · Twitter · Facebook · Google +1. In the tale, a young locksmith's son decides to travel the world and become a huntsman. The recently purchased design book The Skillful Huntsman was inspirational in the project; it also contains silhouettes as part of the character design process. Character and creature concepts inspired by “The Skillful Huntsman”, done for Concept Art class at Hedmark University College. So I sort of adapted sketches from The Skillful Huntsman to fill up space until I have researched this further. There was once a young fellow who had learnt the trade of locksmith, and told his father he would now go out into the world and seek his fortune. I want to focus on the guard dog and the trolls, as they did in "The Skillful Huntsman" concept art book. With the character brief in mind, the silhouettes were started. To make the idea more exciting I played around with the idea of the hunting methods of The Kazakhs of Mongolia. Khang Le, Mike Yamada, and Felix Yoon were guided by their instructor, Scott Robertson, to create original design solutions for the environments, characters, props, and vehicles found within The Skillful Huntsman. The book 'The Skillful Huntsman' uses a similar project: a story by the Brothers Grimm involving similar themes and characters. The last part of the concept design assignment is to design a few of the creatures (or enemies) appearing in the story.

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